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the kitchen

Rizoom creates its umami-based cuisine around sustainable farmed and caught fish, shellfish and crustaceans combined with aged meats and poultry which are lead through the (micro)seasons by vegetables. The creation of our menu, the handling of our produce and the dining experience itself are grounded in the philosophy and technique of Japanese cuisine. We try to bring the produce in it’s best state by aging and underscore our ingredients, sourced from sustainable suppliers within Europe, with condiments and conserving techniques mostly rooted in Japanese cuisine and the use of open fire.

This results in a product focused menu with servings in which we seek layers of depth in flavor and texture. Always focusing on a specific characteristic of an ingredient or its moment in the season. By this way of working our menu is always moving and always in the middle of development, if never starts nor finishes and is always in a search for new connectivity. 

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